Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Time is generally relative...

Punctuality used to be an important part of who I was. If anything, I was habitually early - air travel, my classes, basically anything I had to do I was there with plenty to spare. That part of me is now locked in the past. These days with the exception of work, I arrive when I can. It started a few years back with all the traveling I was doing, and as the kids got more and more involved with activities that required them to be on a schedule, I found myself with less and less accountability for my own time. In fact, I found the closer the relation to me, like my children or my wife, the more their time means and the less I worry about what hour or minute I find the the hands of the clock.

It is with this concept of the relatives of time that I find myself this evening realizing that it has been over six months since I last posted to my blog. Six months! So much has happened in the interim it doesn't even make sense to try and recap. Just know that we are all well and doing fine. 

Time appears to be in fast forward. Last month I celebrated my three-year anniversary with Ingersoll Rand. In less than 18 months Alex graduates from college. Isaac will have his real driver's license in a month. We have to dive into the college selection game soon for him. And Darby is nearing the end of her freshman year of high school. 

Very soon, it will just be Trudie and me making our own time; and making up for lost time. And, generally, wait patiently for the relatives to spend time with us.

- Ken