Thursday, June 9, 2011

Those lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer

This summer is turning out to one of the busiest our family has experienced yet. The craziness actually started with the month of May. Between the school production of the musical "Oklahoma" and Isaac's eighth grade graduation followed by Darby's trek to Grammy and Grampa's place for another year of drama camp, preparation for the rest of the summer has had us all spinning around and around.

What started out a in January as a question of what the kids will do this summer has turned into quite the adventure for each.

Darby has one of the lead roles in her summer theater performance. Then she travels to Jeckle Island to enjoy a week at church camp (really camping) and then a week at the beach with our immediate family and all the cousins. She rounds out her summer with a trip to New York City with one of her best friends.

Isaac is taking a week off after graduation. He then moves west to join me a start football practice at the high school he will be attending this fall. One exciting aspect of football this summer will be a week spent at the University of Alabama Crimson Tide football camp. All that and the "man cave" should make for a great father/son bonding time.

Alex has already kicked off her summer with a performance at the Burning Coal Theater in Raleigh. She got to experience a stage combat role in which she shot someone and then died. Her goal for the season is to perform as much as possible, babysit as many pets and children as she can, and go on as many hiking trips and other adventures with her friends in the remaining time.

As for Trudie and I, Trudie will enjoy a well earned respite from the busy year. Hopefully taking a few trips out west to Isaac and me when she comes to visit her friend in this area. We all will take our week at the beach and then I will be spending the rest of my time working out with my new personal trainer, Isaac, working and completing my summer courses for graduate school.

The greatest part about the kids reaching the ages they are now is the freedom we feel in letting them experience the world in their own way. Our hope is that they bring back lots of memories to share so we can all enjoy their experiences.

As for the hazy and lazy part of summer, the hazy comes from the North Carolina summer humidity and the lazy comes from any time Trudie and I can take a moment together and relax.

We wouldn't have it any other way!

- Ken

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