Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The American Jobs Act White House Tweetup

 My "Golden Ticket"

Welcome to Jamestown, NC

The President was safe and secure

with lots of news coverage (including yours truly)

at the Mary Perry Ragsdale Family YMCA venue for the "bus tour" stop.

My copy of the American Jobs Act

Finding my seat

among Americans of all walks of life;

Americans through and through.

The press box was filled with broadcasters from all over

and from the floor, your White House tweetup spokesman for today.

The following is a tweet-by-tweet (with a few video inserts and photos) of President Obama's speech:

twubbell Ken Hubbell 
To all the children at Cathedral School in Raleigh, NC, I hope you enjoy the #whtweetup of President Obama's American Jobs Act today!
9:33 AM 

twubbell Ken Hubbell 
 #whtweetup  at the Jamestown YMCA is filled to capacity and more coming in the door. The air is thick in anticipation of Obama's arrival.
9:56 AM 

twubbell Ken Hubbell 
Sitting next to Senator Hagan's staff and enjoying a bipartisan conversation on economics at #whtweetup
10:15 AM

The introductory speech by Linda

twubbell Ken Hubbell 
And here comes President Obama entering the YMCA in Jamestown, #NC for the American Jobs Act "bus tour" at #whtweetup. "Hail to the chief!"
10:57 AM

twubbell Ken Hubbell 
President Obama praising teachers and educators in Jamestown, #NC as an intro to the American Jobs Act. #whtweetup
11:23 AM 

twubbell Ken Hubbell 
Rebuilding America where if you do the right thing and everyone contributes will take time to rebuild but America will do it. #whtweetup
11:25 AM

twubbell Ken Hubbell 
American Jobs Act will be paid for by those who make over $1 million per year. #whtweetup
11:27 AM 

twubbell Ken Hubbell 
The American Jobs Act includes health care provisions and tax cuts for small businesses. #whtweetup
11:34 AM

twubbell Ken Hubbell 
I will be interested to see just how the tax cuts for small businesses really play out to be.Having run one myself this is needed.#whtweetup
11:36 AM 

twubbell Ken Hubbell 
#NC has faced teacher staff cuts while Korea is importing them in drives to compete against the USA according to Obama. #whtweetup
11:37 AM

twubbell Ken Hubbell 
The Jobs Act will provide the manpower to fix infrastructure issues like schools,roads,bridges,etc.So we don't fall behind China #whtweetup
11:39 AM

twubbell Ken Hubbell 
"Don't be bambuzled," says the President about how the Jobs Act will be funded. The top 2% people in our economy will pay for it.#whtweetup
11:43 AM 

twubbell Ken Hubbell 
The weight of the Jobs Act does not address other issues like taxing unemployment checks and other hardships. #whtweetup
11:44 AM 

twubbell Ken Hubbell 
I do agree with the President in that parts of the Jobs Act will improve the economy - he is breaking it up into smaller acts. #whtweetup
11:45 AM 

twubbell Ken Hubbell 
Standing ovation for the President's speech. #whtweetup
11:47 AM

twubbell Ken Hubbell 
Great experience seeing a standing president of our fine country here in Jamestown, #NC for th American Jobs Act. #whtweetup
11:48 AM

twubbell Ken Hubbell 
And with a few handshakes, hugging babies, and the occasional wave goodbye, the President moves on. What a privilege to be here.#whtweetup
12:01 PM 

twubbell Ken Hubbell 
Waiting for President Obama's motorcade to leave so we can exit the YMCA here in Jamestown, #NC#whtweetup
12:08 PM

And so ends my detour to Jamestown, NC, today, where I took a short step to the left and joined a majority of Democrats in hearing the President talk about real change for Americans. I don't agree with all of the provisions in his plan, but for those I am in favor, I hope that both parties in the Senate and Congress will quit playing games with the lives of average Americans and remember that we put them in office to do the right things for all of us, not just their favorites.

What a memorable experience this was, both to be there for the speech as well as to be able to share the experience with all of you.

- Ken

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